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Everything You Need to Know about Honed Concrete

Stylish. Modern. Versatile. These are just a few ways that homeowners who choose honed aggregate for their home building and renovation projects.

Its popularity has grown over the years and has become the go to choose for swimming pool surrounds, alfresco areas and internal home flooring.

Although we do not offer the following, other areas where concrete honing is used is bench tops, small retaining walls and feature walls. 

As it is a variation of exposed aggregate, the options are limitless for design and colour, giving you the chance to design a unique feature that is perfectly suited to your home.

So, what is honed concrete? In simple terms, honing is the process of grinding down an exposed aggregate surface till you are left with a desired smoothness and finish. A machine that uses diamond tools, works along the application wearing down the aggregates till they create a smooth, flat surface.

From here, the application is treated and honed with machines and treatments, that will leave you with a beautiful floor that pops with a mosaic-like design.

This application can also have non-slip treatments added, which makes it a luxurious and safe choice for installation around your pool area and looks especially amazing when done alongside a seamless pool edge.

Honed concrete is also a popular choice for commercial properties due to its versatile look, and being a low maintenance, easy to maintain product.

Projects that look great with a honed Concrete application

Pool Edges and Surrounds

With the addition of a non-slip treatment, honed concrete delivers a stunning application that is safe enough to run around on. It also is the perfect accompaniment to a seamless pool edge, which is a new innovative process that eliminates the use of bullnose pavers around your pool.

Alfrescos, Verandahs, And Outdoor Living Spaces

Honed concrete is a great choice for your Alfresco outdoor entertaining areas as it is known for its durability and low maintenance. Being super easy to clean means you won’t have to worry about dirt or BBQ stains ruining your new floor.

Driveways, Walkways and Paths

The shimmering stones and mosaic finish of honed concrete make it an easy choice for the driveways, walkways and paths around your home. It’s a unique design and limitless colour options mean that it can take a boring pathway and make it a standout feature around your home.

Internal Flooring (honed but also polished)

The addition of internal concrete floors is becoming increasingly popular amongst first time home builders and renovators. It is an affordable option as well, as you can utilise your house slab that is being or has been poured already.

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Commercial Properties

With the many colour and style options of aggregate available, commercial properties have the option to create a look that is sophisticated and suit the buildings overall aesthetic concrete.

Quarry Grey Honed Aggregate

Types of Aggregate That Can Be Honed

Standard Aggregate

The most common and affordable aggregate application, standard aggregate applications are known for giving your area a more natural, organic look.

For standard exposed aggregate, the stones are mixed into the concrete before it is poured. This style of exposed aggregate application means that you will have less control over where the colours and stones will show once the top layer is removed but will still deliver a beautiful final product.

Seeded Aggregate

For those who are meticulous about how the design of the final application will look, then a seeding aggregate application is a perfect choice for you.

The process for seeding is meticulous and typically takes longer than other applications because the aggregate is placed into the wet concrete rather than being pre-mixed per the design request.

Seeded aggregate is a great option for those looking to add feature stones or glowing stones into their application. Coloured and various sized stones are hand seeded through the application, adding design and complementing the overall decor of the area.

Glowing stones add a radiant natural light to your outdoor areas and absorb solar energy during the day. Once the sun goes down, the stones illuminate, providing a natural glow and a unique look to your application. 

Topping Aggregate

Topping aggregate is achieved by first pouring the cement and letting it dry, then adding a thick layer (around 2.5cm) of aggregate on top. 

This aggregate in this application is usually laid quite thick rather than dispersed through the cement, making it a great option for heavily trafficked areas or pool surrounds. 

This style of aggregate is popular because it allows for more control during the pouring process, providing you with more consistent look across the application.

However, it is not without fault as it is prone to cracking due to the thinness (concrete needs to be poured at minimum of 80mm), and reinforcement issues. For this reason, it is not an application that Terrastone currently has available and will not recommend for your concrete project. 

Benefits of Honed Concrete

Still on the fence if concrete honing is the right choice for your new home or renovation? Have a look at the many benefits of installing honed concrete around your property:


Long Lasting

When installed correctly and maintained, the lifespan of honed concrete can be up to 50 years. Making sure it does maintain its longevity does mean minimal upkeep such as retreatment of the application every 5-7 years and making sure that it is mopped and cleaned on occasion.


Easy To Clean

No need to spend your weekends’ pressure washing and maintaining your application. Honed concrete is can be maintained simply with the occasional mopping and cleaning products.


It Looks Amazing

We’re not just saying that (have a look for yourself). When you choose honed concrete for your project, you can look forward to the shapes and colours of your application being more distinct and noticeable compared to other applications. It’s clean, glossy look can transform a once boring space in your home into a stylish, luxurious space that everyone will want to enjoy.


Slip Resistant

While honed concrete is designed to have a smooth finish we add an additive to the sealing process to create a non-slip finish, preventing unwanted falls and making it perfect for pool and other outdoor areas.

Overall, making the decision to install honed concrete is an affordable, practical and stylish choice for your residential or commercial property.

The benefits of this product far outweigh any concerns about the initial investment, and when installed by a team of professionals, like the team at Terrastone Architectural Concrete, you can be confident that your honed aggregate application will last a lifetime.

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