Exposed aggregate Perth

Exposed aggregate is a stylish and durable concrete application, perfect for outdoor living spaces such as pool surrounds, alfresco areas, and driveways. 

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Everything you need to know about exposed aggregate in Perth.

Exposed aggregate is a popular concrete application that is perfectly suited to the outdoor areas of your Perth home.

Its ability to be customised with different types of stones and colours makes it a popular option for any new home build or renovation, while the versatility of this concrete style allows you to create a design and finish that is unique, complimentary, and will add value to your property.

This type of decorative concrete finish is produced first by creating a mix of coloured and various sized stones that come in a ready-mix concrete or customised to your liking. From here the mix is delivered and poured for your project over a flattened area of sand and gravel. Then a retardant is applied to prevent the top 3 – 5mm of concrete from setting, which allows for concrete contractors to expose the stones. To expose the multi-coloured stones, the top layer of cement is removed through a special process, exposing the natural stones in the concrete.

Quartz, pebbles, and sand are the most commonly used, but granite and other natural stones are sometimes added to an application to create a stylish finish.

Introduced during the 1950’s, exposed aggregate became a standout feature for homes worldwide, popular for its timeless look and long life. Popular across driveways and paths, it has jumped back on the home renovators and new home trend lists, with the popularity of mid-century modern style design has rising over the past decade.