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Who is Terrastone Architectural Concrete?

When Terrastone was first formed 12 years ago, our goal was to change the perception of how people look at and feel about concrete.

For our Terrastone team, we see our concrete applications as the spaces you will create unforgettable moments with your family and friends. Our passion as a decorative concrete specialist is to provide beautifully designed architectural concrete solutions that transform your space into a work of art.

With the best mixtures, equipment and expertise offered, Terrastone Architectural Concrete are Perth’s decorative concrete specialists who provide breathtaking concrete solutions for you to enjoy in the years to come.

The face of Terrastone.

Meet Adam Burvill, your decorative concrete specialist and project manager.

When you choose Terrastone as your decorative concrete contractors, Adam will be your main point of contact from the initial consult to the final completion of your project. Adam’s approach to the management of your projects ensures you receive the highest level of quality control and communication. This creates the consistency in project completion and a beautifully finished decorative concrete product for your space.

Adam Burvill standing with concrete swatch display
Man analysing plans while on the phone

Our project management service.

From the initial consultation to the application of your decorative concrete project, Adam will be contactable at all stages. This ensures any communication or concerns with the project are not missed. With Adam as your main point of contact, the team of decorative concrete specialists onsite are well informed and on point. This provides a clear direction with the project to be more efficient with time and productivity.

You can be assured that your decorative concrete project is completed in a timely and efficient manner.

Perth's decorative concrete contractors.

The team at Terrastone Perth are passionate about one thing: creating beautiful concrete spaces that are stunning and comfortable.

We know that having a stunning space provides your family and friends a place to enjoy your home. Terrastone offer our services to transform key areas of your home to further elevate its uniqueness and appeal.

Through our years as decorative concrete specialist, we provide the ideal decorative concrete mix to meet your exact specifications. Whichever finish, style, or colour, Terrastone have what you need.

Seamless Concrete PoolEdge.

Ever imagined what it would be like to have a decorative concrete finish envelope your pool surrounds and seamlessly connect to your alfresco?

Terrastone Seamless Concrete PoolEdge provides decorative concrete solutions for you to enjoy the full, perfect, architectural experience.

Residential pool with minimal honed concrete pool edge

Concrete swatches

Terrastone Perth are partnered with the best decorative concrete suppliers in Perth. This allows us to offer a range of stunning decorative concrete options of the highest quality. Explore our swatches range of exposed, honed, and polished mixes to find the right finish for your home.


Our partners.

Terrastone Perth are proud to be decorative concrete contractors aligned with some of the best and brightest in our industry in Perth.

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