Honed concrete Perth

Honed Concrete is a modern and stylish concrete application, perfect for internal living areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. Honed can also be utilised externally in areas such as pool surrounds, driveways, and alfrescos.

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Everything you need to know about honed concrete.

Stylish. Modern. Versatile. These are just a few words that homeowners use to describe their Terrastone honed concrete pool surrounds, alfrescos, and driveways.

Its popularity has grown over the years and has become the go-to choice for swimming pool surrounds, alfresco areas, and internal home flooring.

As it is a variation of exposed aggregate, the options are limitless for design and colour, giving you the chance to design a unique feature that is perfectly suited to your home.

So, what is honed concrete? In simple terms, honing is the process of grinding down an exposed aggregate surface till you are left with a desired smoothness and finish. A machine that uses diamond tools, works along the application wearing down the aggregates till they create a smooth, flat surface.

From here, the application is treated and honed, and will leave you with a beautiful floor that pops with a mosaic-like design.

This application can also have non-slip treatments added, which makes it a luxurious and safe choice for installation around your pool area and looks especially amazing when installed with a Seamless Concrete PoolEdge.

Honed concrete is also a popular choice for commercial properties due to its versatile look and ease of maintenance.

Benefits of honed concrete.

Still on the fence if concrete honing is the right choice for your new home or renovation? Have a look at the many benefits of installing honed concrete around your property:

Long lasting

When installed correctly and maintained, honed concrete can have a lifetime of up to 50 years. Making sure it does maintain its longevity does mean minimal upkeep such as retreatment of the application every 5-7 years and making sure that it is mopped and cleaned on occasion.

Easy to clean

No need to spend your weekends pressure washing and maintaining your application. Honed concrete can be maintained simply with the occasional mopping and cleaning products.

It looks amazing

We’re not just saying that! When you choose honed concrete for your project, you can look forward to the shapes and colours of your application being more distinct and noticeable compared to other applications. Its clean, glossy look can transform a once boring space in your home into a stylish, luxurious space that everyone will want to enjoy.

Slip resistant

Whilst honed concrete is designed to have a smooth finish, we add an additive to the sealing process to create a non-slip finish, preventing unwanted falls and making it perfect for pool surrounds and other outdoor areas.

Honed concrete swatches

Disclaimer: The enclosed swatches were accurately matched. However, variations in colour between swatches and the actual concrete colour achieved on your job can occur due to differences in finishing techniques, curing methods, environmental conditions, the type and slump of concrete as well as the raw materials used.