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Everything You Need to Know About MillaLite Architectural Insitu Lighting

MillaLite by Terrastone is a revolutionary RGB LED swimming pool lighting system that illuminates the entirety of your pool’s surface. MillaLite is fitted into the perimeter of your pool surround during the concrete installation process for a superior, streamlined look that will stand the test of time.

Fully programmable through your smartphone, MillaLite by Terrastone features millions of colour combinations to choose from. With a simple swipe of your finger, MillaLite gives you the flexibility to create tranquil, peaceful spaces or transform your outdoor area into the ultimate party spot. You can even synchronise the lights to change with your favourite music!

Traditional LED strip pool light systems generally utilise a single or multiple individual light sources to illuminate the pool. This can lead to dark spots around the pool in areas where the light can’t reach. With MillaLite by Terrastone, the light source is around the perimeter of your pool creating an even illumination across the total pool surface.

Considering Millalite?

If you are considering MillaLite for your new pool or home, we highly recommend getting in touch with the team before organising the concrete formwork.

As the lighting system is installed directly into the perimeter of the formwork, it is essential that a channel is incorporated at the time the concrete is laid.

It is also the case that MillaLite cannot be retrofitted into existing pool surrounds or concrete formwork.

If you would like to discuss your options, don’t hesitate to reach out to the team.

Projects That Look Great with MillaLite Architectural Insitu Lighting

MillaLite by Terrastone is not only for use around your swimming pool. The system can be fitted to virtually any concrete formwork – illuminate your concrete stairway or make your outdoor kitchen glow. The only limit when installing MillaLite in your home is your imagination!

Pool Surrounds

Designed for use within concrete swimming pool surrounds, MillaLite by Terrastone is an ideal installation for homeowners looking to add a touch of flare to their backyard. Turn your pool into an eye-catching feature even in low light conditions and make the most of those warm summer evenings with powerful illumination.

Concrete Stairways

Functional and appealing, MillaLite by Terrastone can be utilised in concrete stairway applications to provide lighting for safety, as well as making the stairs a highlighted feature piece of the home. Homeowners can adjust the colour of the lights on their stairs to complement their desired aesthetic and create intriguing lighting and shadow dynamics.

Outdoor Kitchens

Entertain guests with a visually stimulating outdoor kitchen environment by incorporating MillaLite by Terrastone into your plans. Utilise the lighting system on the underside of bench space or within shelf space is an extremely simple way to add wow factor to your outdoor kitchen environment.

Benefits of MillaLite Architectural Insitu Lighting.

Still unsure if MillaLite by Terrastone is for you? Take a look at the range of benefits below!

Seamless Installation

A distinct feature of MillaLite by Terrastone is the fact it is built into the perimeter of your concrete formwork at the time it is laid. This aids in creating a superior, streamlined installation that will last for years to come. Embedding the MillaLite system into the formwork results in a clean look and long-lasting durability.


A highly versatile solution, MillaLite by Terrastone can be fitted to virtually any concrete formwork. A perfect system for pool surrounds, MillaLite can be used to illuminate a concrete staircase or light up your outdoor kitchen area – the only limit is your imagination!

Smartphone Compatible

MillaLite by Terrastone is fully compatible and programmable with your smartphone device. Take control of the systems colours with millions of variations to choose from. Through the user-friendly interface, you can create a range of moods in your backyard, from peaceful hangout spot to ultimate party destination!

Premium Quality

Unlike many alternative LED light systems on the market today, MillaLite by Terrastone is guaranteed to illuminate the whole surface of your swimming pool. As the light source of the system is the whole way around the perimeter of your pool, dark spots are prevented, and an even illumination is achieved.

Our Supply Partners

Western Australia

Terrastone Architectural Concrete

MillaLite is exclusively supplied and installed by Terrastone Architectural Concrete within Western Australia.

All Other States

pooledge logo white

For installation outside of Western Australia, our preferred and trusted partner is PoolEdge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does getting MillaLite extend the project time for installation?

No! Install times are not affected by the addition of MillaLite. This is due to MillaLite being installed during the concrete formwork phase of your swimming pool project.

Does MillaLite include a warranty?

The warranty for MillaLite is 12 months.

What happens if it fails?

Due to the design features of the MillaLite Architectural Insitu Pool Lighting system, we can easily replace all LED lights that are faulty – without the need to alter any of the concrete surrounding your swimming pool.

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