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For many Australians, in the warmer months their outdoor alfresco area becomes a second living room. If you spend a lot of time outside, it’s more enjoyable to have an alfresco area that is pleasant and comfortable for you to unwind and relax.

Liquid limestone alfrescos have become an increasingly popular choice in Perth amongst homeowners who want a stylish, yet durable option for their outdoor space. Liquid limestone is made from a combination of crushed limestone, concrete, and additives. Once poured, liquid limestone has a natural finish which resembles traditional limestone and is a popular alternative to conventional paving.

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The team at Terrastone are Perth’s liquid limestone alfresco specialists. We work every day to transform outdoor areas into beautiful alfresco spaces.

As with other decorative concrete options, liquid limestone has many customisation options. This includes choosing the colour, style, and texture. You can also choose to add a pattern to the poured limestone to create the effect of pavers. The ability for liquid limestone to be customised to suit your needs makes it an ideal outdoor flooring option.

Liquid limestone pool surround with tiled inlay

Why liquid limestone for your alfresco area?

Liquid limestone is incredibly versatile as a decorative concrete option and is ideal for your patio flooring.

The natural appearance of liquid limestone makes it popular for alfrescos in almost any home, as it offers many benefits such as maintainability, affordability, versatility, durability, and cooling properties.

Incredibly versatile

Liquid limestone is poured the same way as traditional concrete. This means it can be used in any size or shaped space, as opposed to pavers, which can be difficult to lay in irregular shapes. Liquid limestone is a popular choice for driveways, retaining walls, courtyards, and pool surrounds.

Adds value to your home

Liquid limestone brings an element of style to your outdoor area and adds value to your home with its classic look and timeless elegance. Liquid limestone alfrescos from Terrastone help to enhance the enjoyment of your home and increase the appeal for potential buyers should you choose to sell.

Heat resistant

Unlike other outdoor flooring options, liquid limestone alfrescos are completely heat resistant, which is an important factor when living in Perth. During the mixing process, materials added help it to absorb sunlight. This makes it a popular choice in areas that are hit with direct sunlight, such as pool surrounds.


Liquid limestone is made by mixing concrete and limestone together. This means you receive both the benefit of a limestone look and finish with the added durability of the concrete material mix. Liquid limestone wears incredibly well and is a common choice in high-traffic outdoor areas.

How we install your liquid limestone.

The team at Terrastone follow a tried and tested procedure to install liquid limestone alfresco flooring in Perth, delivering the highest quality result to you.


The area where the liquid limestone will be poured is prepared by levelling the ground, setting depths and heights, and installing formwork. The area is also wetted down and compacted to ensure a secure foundation for the application.


The liquid limestone is usually mixed and electronically measured at an offsite concrete batching location, where they can ensure that the mix is perfect before being dispatched to the project.


Depending on the location of your project the liquid limestone is either poured directly from the truck or brought in via wheelbarrow. On occasion, a concrete pump may be required depending on how difficult the project is to access.


While wet, the liquid limestone mix is placed within the formwork where it is levelled and brought to the desired thickness, which for most concrete contractors is 100mm.

Finish and application of texture

Once it’s laid and smoothed at the desired height, the contractor will use various tools to ensure a professional finish. At this stage, a texture is typically placed across the application to give it the appearance of natural limestone.

Application of designs or patterns

For those who choose to have a design cut into their liquid limestone, the concreter will come back the following day, once the limestone is hardened, and the pattern of choice is cut into the application.

Site is cleaned and sealed

The site is then cleaned with a high-pressure hose before sealing the concrete. The sealing process is necessary as it helps reduce future cracks and staining.

Liquid Limestone Swatches.

Disclaimer: The enclosed swatches were accurately matched. However, variations in colour between swatches and the actual concrete colour achieved on your job can occur due to differences in finishing techniques, curing methods, environmental conditions, the type and slump of concrete as well as the raw materials used.

Turn your outdoor space into a work of art.

Residential pool with modern seamless honed concrete pool edge

Other finishes for your outdoor area

With a variety of finishes, colours and virtually limitless concrete choices, we can create an alfresco area that makes your home the envy of the neighbourhood.

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Our process

Engaging us as your concrete contractor is as exciting for us as it is for you. We take on every project with energy and passion that resonates in the quality of our work.