Honed concrete driveway Perth

Let's get started on your honed concrete driveway.

For those who want their driveway to make a statement.

Honed concrete is the height of luxury and style for the exterior of your home.

Similar to its counterpart, exposed aggregate, it comes in a myriad of colours, mixes, and customisable styles. The difference between the two is that the process of honing the aggregate removes the rugged texture you get with an exposed application.

This process leaves your driveway with a smooth appearance that makes the colours in the concrete an eye catching feature.

This application not only looks great on driveways, but is also perfect for pool surrounds, outdoor entertaining areas, and pathways, creating a seamless look around the outside of your home that is timeless and will be enjoyed for the life of your home.

We’ve created hundreds of beautiful honed concrete driveway designs across Perth.

The team at Terrastone Architectural Concrete can deliver a flawless honed concrete application that will deliver the “WOW” factor to any driveway.

We offer inclusive project management for your project that consistently delivers high attention to detail, care, and quality results. It’s because of this high quality work that we have developed a fantastic reputation in the Perth area.

From the initial consult to the final clean-up, we are working closely on the project to ensure that everything goes smoothly and according to plan.

Working with the best concrete specialists in the industry, we are dedicated to delivering the best results on every project we take on, we can create a stunning honed concrete driveway.

Honed concrete pathway

The honed concrete driveway process.

If you’re still deciding what type of decorative concrete is right for your driveway, it may help to know the process.

Honed concrete is a great application but does have a few more steps involved compared to exposed aggregate. This can mean that the process takes slightly longer, but with seamless results.

When you make the decision to choose Terrastone for your architectural concrete application, our project manager will be there throughout the entire journey to ensure that the best practices and care are used from start to finish.

Our process for creating a honed concrete driveway is extremely thorough and includes the following steps:

Site prep

The area where your driveway installation will occur gets prepped and levelled. During this process any cables, pipes or underground works that need to go through this site will be installed.


Boards or foam get installed around the site in specific areas. This is to make sure that while the concrete is getting poured and during the curing process, that it maintains its form.

Concrete is reinforced

The site is further prepped by laying steel mesh across the area where the concrete is to be poured. The steel mesh gives the concrete added strength and helps to reduce cracking.

Concrete is mixed

While the site is being prepped, your decorative concrete mix is being created off site at a small batching plant. Using only the best materials and up to date technology, your concrete mix designed to not only look great but built to handle tough Perth elements.

Concrete is poured

Your concrete gets delivered to site and poured by our experts who to a minimum of 100mm for every project. Once our team has skilfully poured the concrete, it is then left to set and cure for approximately 24-48 hours. This time is necessary in making sure the concrete is strong enough for traffic.

Concrete is honed

Once set, your concrete is ready for honing! Our team of concrete finishing specialists will come in with concrete grinding equipment and begin the process to hone concrete, by removing the top layer. This exposes the stones and grinds them down until they are at the desired level of smoothness.

Sealants applied

The driveway is the cleaned and sealed with a coating that protects it from the elements and assists in reducing cracking. We can also add a coating that adds grip to your honed concrete application (this is perfect for pool surrounds).

The finished product

The site gets a solid clean one more time, leaving you with an eye catching driveway to enjoy for years to come!

Honed concrete swatches

Disclaimer: The enclosed swatches were accurately matched. However, variations in colour between swatches and the actual concrete colour achieved on your job can occur due to differences in finishing techniques, curing methods, environmental conditions, the type and slump of concrete as well as the raw materials used.

Turn your outdoor space into a work of art.

City beach home with exposed aggregate driveway with tiled stone inlays

Other driveway finishes

With a variety of finishes, colours and virtually limitless concrete choices, we can create a driveway that makes your home the envy of the neighbourhood.

Man analysing plans while on the phone

Our process

Engaging us as your concrete contractor is as exciting for us as it is for you. We take on every project with energy and passion that resonates in the quality of our work.