Concrete project management

Ask us about our project management services.

Terrastone produces excellent results by having specialists at every step of the way.

As the face of Terrastone, Adam will be the point of contact for all concrete project management projects.

From the initial consult to the completion of the concrete projects, Adam will be available through the entire process. This means there is no miscommunication, or anything missed. With Adam as your main point of contact, this means the team onsite will be on point and provided with clear direction, eliminating any chances of wasted time in communication and productivity. Your decorative concrete project will be completed in a timely and efficient manner.

Speaking directly with Adam means that he is be able to present you reliable up-to-date information of your project, creating a sense of clarity that allows you to focus your time and attention on what matters most to you.

If Adam is unavailable, Cheryl is the next best person to speak to. Her role as Executive Assistant means that she is always on hand as back up. If its urgent issues, billing, or new jobs, Cheryl can take any questions that come her way and provide a solution.

In line with our dedicated project management service, we provide the highest quality installs that exceed Australian standards.

With any decorative concrete job, Terrastone utilises the following materials and practices as a standard, ensuring that you get the best in quality and performance for your decorative concrete project.

SL72 Reinforced steel mesh

Providing the structural integrity of your decorative concrete, SL72 is a long-lasting reinforced steel mesh that is installed prior to the concrete being poured, substantially increasing the strength of the concrete and improving its durability and performance to last a lifetime.

Key Points of the SL72 Reinforced Steel Mesh:

  • Reinforced Steel
  • Sustains the strength of the concrete
  • Weight bearing
  • Meets the requirements of the Australian Standards for Concrete Applications
  • Concrete install with SL72 exceeds Australian Standards

32MPA Concrete

The standard mix we use for all our honed concrete projects. We ensure that any decorative concrete install is done using nothing but the best in quality. The 32MPA Concrete is the top of the range mix that provides a superior finish and smoother look when honed. Compared to other mixes, the 32MPA has a better sustainable performance, being more resilient against pressures and weather conditions.

Key Points of the 32MPA Concrete:

  • Top quality for our decorative concrete installs
  • Provides a more defined honed finish
  • Smoother, Resilient and Resistant in its application

100mm Concrete pour depth

Terrastone make it a standard to always use a 100mm pour depth for all our decorative concrete applications. This ensures that your decorative concrete application is dense which increases its durability, structural integrity and performance that lasts.

Cutting & sealing

We have dedicated specialists handing all cutting, grinding and sealing of any decorative concrete job. Their expertise and diligent care ensure your project is ready both aesthetically and practically.

The Terrastone process of pouring concrete

Terrastone delivers a seamless experience from start to finish to give the best solutions and customer experience. Our concrete floor construction process lets us stay on top of our game, avoiding any miscommunications between scheduling, payments or jobs.

No obligation quote & consultation

From your first contact, you will speak to Adam who will guide you through our process. Adam will consult with you to find out what the requirements and expectations of the project. With a site visit, he will offer his expert advice and provide you an initial quote for your project.

Any admin task will be handled by Cheryl while Adam will be the first point of contact for everything onsite.

Selection of colour & project timeline established

Once the quote is finalised, Adam will meet with you to assist in the selection of concrete colours from our broad range of decorative concretes. Adam will also work closely with you and your builder to establish an effective timeframe to ensure your project is completed within it.

Project begins: earthworks

During the setup of your project area, Adam will be present to assist in ensuring everything is in place for the decorative concrete pour. Our contractors perform a pre-pour inspection to confirm that the earth is levelled and compacted. Maximising the structure and longevity of your concrete.

Pre-work photography

Our team will take photos of the site prior to the pour. This will ensure peace of mind so that you can see all steps have been adhered to. Assuring the structural integrity of the job.

Installation of mesh and formwork

Our contractors carefully setup the internal aspects of your concrete slab. Inserting only the highest-grade mesh and form work. Ensuring the best in structural integrity that makes your decorative concrete long-lasting. During this step, Adam will inspect the edging, ties and overall formwork to approve that it is primed for pouring.


Working with the best decorative concrete suppliers in Perth, your chosen colours and aggregates will arrive on site ready for pouring. Depending on the chosen concrete, the process of the pouring may vary. For more details speak with Adam to find out.

Sealed and cleaned

After pouring is completed, our expert team will supervise the sealing of your project with our concrete finishing specialists. Once the sealing is done, we ensure the site is left tidy of our work and ready for any other work to begin.

Final inspection

After pouring is completed, our expert team will supervise the sealing of your project with our concrete finishing specialists. Once the sealing is done, we ensure the site is left tidy of our work and ready for any other work to begin.


Congratulations, your new area is complete! Now you can kick back, relax and enjoy!