Coloured concrete alfresco Perth

Design your dream outdoor area with Terrastone.

Brighten your outdoor space with a fresh, vibrant concrete colour.

Don’t settle for the standard, get creative. The days of standard grey concrete are over.

Terrastone allows you to customise your coloured concrete patio flooring to meet your personal preference and the overall style of your home and outdoor space. For many homeowners, traditional grey concrete may create the look they desire, but if you want to bring your outdoor area to life, a coloured concrete alfresco area can achieve just that.

Terrastone offers a wide variety of colours to cater to a wide breadth of creative ideas and flair. We work closely alongside you during the entire process, from choosing the initial colour to laying the concrete, keeping you informed at each step of your project. This allows for any alterations to be made through the project, to ensure you are 100% satisfied with the final result. If you have a planned vision or need assistance in bringing out your alfresco area’s potential, Terrastone can help realise your dream look.

Creating the perfect mix for your coloured concrete alfresco.

Terrastone offers decorative coloured concrete services to bring your alfresco area to life. Unlike other coloured concretes that are merely a coating over the surface, our colouring is embedded into the concrete mix before it is laid. This ensures even coverage across the whole pad of concrete and permanent vibrancy of colour. Other coloured concrete options that are applied as a concrete colour spray paint often aren’t UV stable, causing them to fade and lose colour under Australia’s harsh conditions.

Integral colouring

At Terrastone, we use integral colouring for our coloured concrete. Essentially, this is a pigment mixed into the concrete to create a thoroughly blended coloured concrete. By adding the colour during the mixing process, it ensures a completely blended final result when poured. As the mixing is done off-site, the mixture is ready to be poured when we arrive on-site, making for an efficient service.

Alfresco area overlooking pool with seamless honed concrete edge

Why a coloured concrete alfresco area?

For many people, standard concrete is a durable, low maintenance and affordable option. However, traditional grey concrete flooring can detract from a stylish outdoor area. Coloured concrete allows for all the benefits of traditional concrete, with the added creative flair of an eye-catching colour. Terrastone offers you the choice between classic colours or a custom colour to suit your outdoor space or alfresco area.

Affordable & stylish

Coloured concrete is the ideal way to make a dramatic impact in your outdoor area for minimal expense, compared to other decorative flooring options. Although the cost of coloured concrete is slightly higher than non-coloured concrete, the laying and installation process is as cost effective as traditional concrete flooring.

Unique in appearance

Having full creative control over the outcome of your alfresco flooring allows for an end result that truly reflects yourself and your home. The individualisation of coloured concrete doesn’t end just at the customisable colour. Our service allows for additional texturisation or patterned designs to be added with a concrete stencil once laid.

Durable & tough

Coloured concrete is ideally suited to outdoor spaces, as it is durable and UV resistant. Due to its dense structure, coloured concrete alfresco areas are a long-term flooring option that, if maintained properly, will last a lifetime. The pre-mixed colouring stops the wearing or fading along paths and high traffic areas.

Easy to clean

Both smooth and textured coloured concrete floors are incredibly easy to clean and keep looking as good as new. The pre-mixed colour means even a vigorous clean will not wash away any colour in the process.

Turn your outdoor space into a work of art

Residential pool with modern seamless honed concrete pool edge

Other finishes for your outdoor area.

With a variety of finishes, colours and virtually limitless concrete choices, we can create an alfresco area that makes your home the envy of the neighbourhood.

Man analysing plans while on the phone

Our process

Engaging us as your concrete contractor is as exciting for us as it is for you. We take on every project with energy and passion that resonates in the quality of our work.