Seamless Concrete Pool Edge


Make the pool of your dreams a reality, with a flawless seamless concrete pool edge surround!

Terrastone is a trusted, qualified team of installers of the PoolEdge system. A cutting-edge formwork that creates a beautiful, seamless concrete pool edge that eliminates the need for unattractive bullnose pavers.

This type of formwork allows you the freedom to design any type of pool shape you desire with poured concrete! Whether you’re looking for a curve shaped pool or a modern, square edged look, the Terrastone PoolEdge system can make it a reality with a stunning concrete coping around your swimming area.

Once installed it will allow our team of concrete specialists to form and pour your choice of decorative concrete right to the edge of your pool wall. This is a fast and efficient process, with the formwork only taking a few hours to safely and properly set up, and our concrete contractors ready to create a perfect finished concrete.

The seamless pool finishes perfectly complements exposed aggregate, honed concrete, or liquid limestone concrete. Making it an ideal solution for those looking to achieve a million-dollar look for their property, without breaking the bank.

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We can create a flawless design for your pool edge. Our formwork allows us to create endless shapes and designs for:

The PoolEdge formwork also gives us the capabilities to create:

Why Choose us: Terrastone’s project management capabilities include:

Want to know more about how we can help build your dream pool?

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Still not sure if a Terrastone pool edge is right for your upcoming swimming pool project? Here are our top reasons why a seamless pool coping might be perfect for you:

1) You don’t have time for maintenance: Your pool is meant to be a place to relax, unwind, and have a little fun! A Terrastone PoolEdge ensures that is exactly what you will get. Unlike pavers, which allow weeds to creep through and require more maintenance, you get an impeccable finish for your pool that is low maintenance. Allowing you the freedom to actually enjoy your pool, instead of cleaning it.

2) You have an eye (and a desire) for great design: With endless options for the shape, design, and a stunning range decorative concrete styles for your pool to choose from, your inner designer will be delighted! With our system, you can create a seamless concrete pool edge which is a stylish look from your alfresco.

3) You are safety conscious: If you have little ones or are planning on having a busy pool area, a seamless edge for your concrete pool surrounds is a much safer option. Bull nose pavers tend to be bulky, unsightly, and can pop up causing a tripping hazard. Whereas a seamless concrete pool edge will sit flat up to the pool. Providing a safer space for high foot traffic (and for bombies too).

4) You want your pool ready, quickly: Paver installation can take weeks to get just right. With a seamless pool edge, the concrete pool edging forms takes just a few hours to install and the pour can be completed with your pool surrounds.

Terrastone PoolEdge
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Seamless Pool Edge

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