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Captivate your outdoor experience with a modern, stylish concrete alfresco area.

Do you spend a lot of time outdoors at home? Nothing compares to a beautiful outdoor space like an alfresco area where you can relax, enjoy and create wonderful memories.

With the flexibility to be customised to suit your home’s style, an exposed aggregate alfresco adds a modern, luxurious appeal to your alfresco area that helps define the uniqueness of your home.

At Terrastone Architectural Concrete, we love to create the perfect exposed aggregate outdoor area that is comfortable and enchanting for your family and friends to enjoy! We work closely with you to pick the best design, material, and layout that ideally matches your home.

With our extensive experience in decorative concrete and access to specialised products, we can help you create your ideal exposed aggregate alfresco area. If you have a planned vision or need assistance in bringing out your alfresco area’s potential, Terrastone can help realise your dream look!

How terrastone creates the ideal exposed aggregate alfresco.

We are the decorative concrete specialists who transform your alfresco area with you leading the charge.

Terrastone Architectural Concrete have built relationships with Perth’s top decorative concrete suppliers to deliver an ideal exposed aggregate alfresco finish.

We use only the best decorative concrete products in Perth to ensure you get the best look and quality that your alfresco area deserves. When you work with us, we listen to your goals to deliver the recommended advice and direction.

From the planning phase to completion of your exposed aggregate alfresco area, our project management team is there at every step to ensure your design is made to your image.

Modern home overlooking and exposed aggregate concrete pool surround

Why use exposed aggregate in your alfresco area?

Exposed aggregate is the perfect alternative to conventional surfaces such as tiles or pavers.

There are many advantages to exposed aggregate flooring, including a modern appeal and non-slip surface.

Exposed aggregate brings a lifetime performance and timeless look alone, which can be enough to consider choosing for your next concreting project. Save yourself unnecessary costs for your project by sourcing locally made aggregate products and choosing a team of professionals, like Terrastone Architectural Concrete.

Our team of specialists are knowledgeable and experienced in delivering a stunning concrete application and creating your dream space.

It's resilient

Exposed aggregate is a robust application that can withstand constant and heavy foot traffic. Made from complex materials, it is tough, resistant to weather, and designed to perform for a lifetime if maintained appropriately. When compared to other equal stones like marble and slate, exposed aggregate is vastly more affordable.

So many options

Exposed aggregate is a favoured by many because no application ever looks the same between them. The limitless stones, sizes, colours and finishes available make it possible to create a concrete design for your application to be unique to you.

Property value

Choosing to add decorative concrete to your property not only brings style, but it also adds value to it! Installing an exposed aggregate in the exterior and outdoor living spaces of your property will compliment any aesthetic look you are aiming for that makes it more valuable to potential future buyers.

Adaptable applications

Exposed aggregate is unique in its flexibility to fit into many outdoor spaces! Not only does it fit an alfresco area, you can even have an exposed aggregate driveway or an exposed aggregate pool surround. This makes it highly desirable by many new homeowners and builders for its performance, appeal, adaptability, and affordability.

Low maintenance

Exposed aggregate requires very little maintenance to keep it looking flawless and clean. All that is usually required is a thorough clean with a pressure washer 1-2 times per year with a cleaning solution to keep it looking at its best.

To maximise the life of your exposed aggregate application, it is recommended to re-seal it every 3-5 years to maintain its toughness, colour, and shine.


With an exposed aggregate alfresco floor, you don’t have to worry about slipping on it! The exposed stones within the concrete create a skid resistant coating across the application. This ideally makes it the best application for pool surrounds, alfresco areas, driveways, decking and terraces where slipping can become a danger.

Exposed aggregate can also be used for commercial properties in areas such as carparks and pathways. It can also be honed across lobbies, shopping centres and office halls to create a consistent appeal.


Unlike other natural stones like marble and slate, exposed aggregate is about 80% cheaper to install. While there may be other options that are affordable, having an exposed finish brings benefits to your project that outweighs cheaper materials.

Exposed aggregate swatches

Disclaimer: The enclosed swatches were accurately matched. However, variations in colour between swatches and the actual concrete colour achieved on your job can occur due to differences in finishing techniques, curing methods, environmental conditions, the type and slump of concrete as well as the raw materials used.

Turn your outdoor space into a work of art.

Residential pool with modern seamless honed concrete pool edge

Other finishes for your outdoor area

With a variety of finishes, colours and virtually limitless concrete choices, we can create an alfresco area that makes your home the envy of the neighbourhood.

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Our process

Engaging us as your concrete contractor is as exciting for us as it is for you. We take on every project with energy and passion that resonates in the quality of our work.