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With our characteristically warm, sunny weather, nothing is more quintessential in Perth than having a swimming pool to enjoy with family and friends.

Making this space a place to relax and entertain, by installing a beautiful concrete pool surrounds, can create an outdoor living space that becomes an extension of your home, and turns your pool into a work of art.

The team at Terrastone Architectural Concrete are enthusiastic about creating pool surrounds that bring your outdoor space to life. As one of the premier decorative concreters in the Perth region, we have built relationships with the top pool companies in the region and worked closely with hundreds of clients to create the pool of their dreams.

Our access to the best decorative concretes products in town means you get the chance to create a pool area that is unique to your property. We will work alongside you to come up with a design that is perfect for your home.

honed concrete pool surrounds
concrete pool surround
concrete pool surround

Types of Concrete Pool Surrounds

There’s no limit to the colours and styles that our team can produce for your home! Have a look below to find out more information and to check out our expansive range of decorative concrete products and applications for your pool areas:

Honed Concrete

If you’re searching for a more luxurious product for your new swimming pool, honed concrete is the choice for you. Honed aggregate is achieved by grinding down exposed aggregate, giving it a sleek, smooth presence. It comes in an expansive range of colours and can have a non-slip finish added to the top of the product to make sure that your pool area is kept safe.

Liquid Limestone

One of the most popular and affordable paving materials available. Liquid limestone is great for our warm climate because of its ability to stay cool underfoot even in the hottest conditions, while also being slip resistant and easy to walk on. It also comes in several attractive colours and can be stamped and designed so that you can create a unique look around your pool area.

Exposed Aggregate

An ideal choice for concrete pool surrounds, exposed aggregate is popular choice amongst home owners looking for a product that can achieve a variety of looks. It’s a great option because of its slip resistant surface and comes in a vast range of natural colours and compositions, giving you the chance to create a one of a kind look.

Terrastone Seamless PoolEdge

Terrastone is proud to offer an option for concrete pool surrounds that is like no other. We are one of Perth's premier contractors who install the Seamless Pool Edge system: a cutting edge decorative concrete option that eliminates the need for bullnose pavers, and creates a stunning seamless transition around your pool. A gorgeous option for any new pool, it is allows for unlimited pool shapes, and is safer than having traditional pool pavers installed.

Exposed Aggregate


Honed Concrete

Liquid Limestone

Seamless PoolEdge

Seamless PoolEdge

Why you should choose decorative concrete pool surrounds?

Low Maintenance

With the installation of decorative concrete pool surrounds, there are no more weeds and uneven pavers to worry about! It’s also easy to clean and repair, so you can spend more time enjoying your pool area rather than maintaining it.


Concrete is designed to take on all the activity your busy household has and can handle the most extreme weather conditions. So, decorative concrete not only looks amazing, but when installed correctly, will last a lifetime.


Your new pool area should compliment and add style to your home. With concrete, you have limitless colours and finishes giving you the opportunity to create unique shapes and designs around your pool that will turn it into a standout feature.

Concrete Pool Surrounds Perth


Our team at Terrastone decorative concrete is excited to discuss you new pool today!

We are passionate about creating beautiful outdoor spaces for our customers to enjoy, and we would love to hear about your dream pool and how we can help make it a reality.

Contact us today to set up a no obligations chat about you pool surrounds today!