Polished concrete in Perth

Polished Concrete is a versatile and stunning concrete application, suitable for indoor living spaces such as residential kitchens, bathrooms, and commercial flooring.

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Everything you need to know about polished concrete.

The most versatile product in decorative concrete, polished concrete is an affordable and stunning addition to any residential or commercial property.

The design options are truly limitless when choosing to go with a polished finish for your application including coloured stains, coloured concretes, aggregates, stamps, and more.

It can even be sealed and treated in a way that gives it the appearance of more expensive products like granite and marble, giving your home or commercial space a high-end look without the exorbitant price tag.

Polished concrete can be described as the changing of a concrete surface using grinding and polishing machinery until the chosen level of finish is achieved. Obtaining a polished look for a concrete project is a longer process than other applications like exposed aggregate or liquid limestone, as there are quite a few added steps involved.

These steps ensure that the concrete application is ground to the right exposure, cracks and joints are sealed, the concrete is hardened and densified (to protect the concrete and reduce future maintenance), and then polished until it reaches the desired level of sheen.

You can also choose to apply a stain guard to your concrete application, which extends the life of the product and makes it easier to maintain. Polished concrete is well known for its durability and long lifespan. By hiring the right contractor for your application and if maintained properly, you can expect your polished concrete to last a minimum 20 years to a lifetime.

Popular applications for polished concrete.

Since it is such a versatile and durable product, polished concrete is the go-to choice for a wide variety of residential and commercial projects. Below are some of the most popular places for a polished concrete application.

Internal flooring

An increasingly popular option for new home builders and renovators, it is an economical choice since the existing slab of the home can be used for the application, saving time and money. It is also well known for being easy to maintain, making it the more popular choice for internal floors in many homes and commercial properties.

Kitchen & bathroom benchtops

Fully customisable, concrete is a beautiful and sturdy option for your home’s kitchen and bathroom areas. Homeowners who choose polished concrete for their benchtops love its ability compliment the space. It even looks great when tied in with a matching concrete floor or feature wall.

Commercial properties

Many office spaces, shopping centres, and buildings are making the leap from tiles to polished concrete floors because of their modern and easy-care properties. A simple dust mop and the occasional use of cleaning products is all you need to maintain the lustre of the application.

Benefits of polished concrete.


While the initial investment may be more than you expected, the long life and timeless look of polished concrete ends of paying for itself. Adding polished concrete to your home is not only cost-effective, but it can also add value to your home if you ever decide to sell.


If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly option for your home, then polished concrete is the choice for you. Most of those who are building, or renovating can make use of their existing house slab, which saves in the consumption of new materials.


Installing concrete floors in your home can assist in massively reducing the number of allergens in the home, improve air quality and make it much easier to clean up dust and pet dander.

Custom & versatile

A truly limitless product when it comes to design and colour options. Your ability to create a unique application with everything from coloured concretes to seeded aggregates and choosing the level of shine for your finished product gives you the control to create the perfect style for your project.

Long lasting

You don’t need to worry about replacing your new polished concrete application anytime soon. If installed by a professional and maintained properly, you’ll have a timeless product that is designed to last a lifetime.

Low maintenance

One of the greatest benefits of this application is that it is so easy to take care of. No vacuums, no cleaning grout or pressure washing. All you need to do to maintain your polished concrete application is a simple dusting with a dust mop and the occasional wipe down with cleaning products.