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Ideal for our warm Perth climate, liquid limestone is becoming the ideal choice for driveways and other areas outside the home.

Known for being cool underfoot, affordable and stylish, it is an ideal product for those who are looking for a decorative concrete

However, it has just as many benefits as honed concrete and exposed aggregates, but with less colour and texture.

At Terrastone Architectural Concrete, we can help create a beautiful liquid limestone driveway for your home.

We offer a fully inclusive service, which means that from the initial consultation to the final treatment our team is there to ensure that everything is completed to the highest quality and standard. 

Leaving you with a driveway that is durable and will compliment your home for years to come.

We’ve created hundreds of beautiful Liquid Limestone Driveways designs across Perth.

At Terrastone, we have worked closely with our local concrete suppliers to ensure that we can offer premium poured liquid limestone driveway options.

We offer a great range of liquid limestone colours, and can even make your application more unique with the addition of stamps and designs

View our range of liquid limestone below, or if you’d prefer to see the range of decorative concrete we use in person, check out the Limecrete showroom at Homebase in Subiaco.


The Benefits of Liquid Limestone for Your Driveway

Curious if liquid limestone is right for your upcoming project? Here are a few reasons why you should consider it for your driveway:

No More Pavers

With a nicely poured liquid limestone, there is no need for pavers. This make the entire installation process faster, and also means no more weekends spent weeding your driveway.

It's Affordable:

Liquid limestone is one of the most affordable decorative concrete applications.

Which makes it an excellent choice for people who are budget conscious, but still want a high quality, long lasting product.

Cool Underfoot

Since it is a more porous material, liquid limestone stays cooler than other concretes. This makes it a great choice for our warm Summer days here in Perth, especially if your driveway is a hotspot for activities, since it stays cool underfoot.

Can Have Decorative Stamping added

Liquid limestone has a nice, smooth finish. Which gives it the unique ability to have different stamps or patterns added to the application.

This can add depth and texture to the look of your driveway, and make it look even more unique.

Nice Neutral Tones

Limestone comes in a great range of colours that are complimentary colours for any home. 

The only drawback of liquid limestone for your driveway is that it can pick up tyre marks more easily because of it’s lighter, earthy tones.

Perfect for Your Entire Property

Liquid limestone isn’t just great for driveways but is the perfect material to use around your entire property!

It is especially popular for pool surrounds and pathways because of its light, cool texture underfoot.

Poured Liquid Limestone Driveway Perth


Does a liquid limestone driveway sound perfect for you? Our team is ready to meet with you to discuss your architectural concrete project today!

So, if you’re ready to get to work on your new driveway application, Contact us today!