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Everything You Need to Know about Coloured Concrete

Standard concrete is the most widely used and practical flooring and building material available, but did you know that you don’t have to settle for the boring, standard greys anymore? There are hundreds of brilliant shades available, ranging from off whites to vibrant reds and so much more!

The many options available provide home builders and commercial property owners the chance to brighten up their spaces with designs and colours that are unique and compliment their style.

Coloured concrete is a fairly simple process with quite a few ways in which pigment can be added to the concrete to give it the desired look which includes:

  1. Integral Colouring – The first and most popular method is to pre-mix iron oxides, which are what create the colour in the concrete, into the mix so that the colour is evenly distributed. The mixing will typically be done off-site at a batching plant so that when it is delivered to the project, the colour is perfectly dispersed and ready to be poured.
  2. Shake on Colours – create coloured concrete is to dust what is known as a colour hardener on top of your standard concrete application while it is still wet. Since this product is only placed on the surface of the concrete, it is not able to be ground or polished.
  3. Water-based Dyes – For those who are looking to create vibrant designs and patterns into their water-based flooring dyes for concrete are perfect. The colours can be easily mixed and matched during this process and are easy to apply. When hardened, densified and polished the result is a stunning application.

Other ways to achieve coloured concrete include acetone-based dyes, acid staining, and colour densifier/hardeners. Most of these methods are not UV resistant, which means the colours in the concrete will fade in sunlight if they are not protected by a high-quality sealant.

No matter which method you choose for your concrete application, the results will always end with an application that is tailored to your project and style.

Popular Applications for Coloured Concrete

There are plenty of spaces that will benefit from the addition of a coloured concrete application. The following tend to be the most popular projects that it is used on:

Pool Surrounds

Coloured concrete is a highly popular choice amongst those building or renovating their pools because of its versatile design capabilities. Choosing lighter colours, such as neutral tones and whites, can help keep the concrete cooler on warmer days since these colours will not soak in as much heat when compared to darker shades of concrete.


A coloured concrete driveway or carport can make turn what is considered a boring part of the home, into an eye-catching feature. Coloured concrete is just as strong and durable as any other decorative concrete available, so there is no concern about the pigments affecting the longevity of the product.


Pathways: Using coloured pathways to continue your other outdoor spaces with either a matching or complimentary tone creates a flowing look and feel around your home. It’s especially lovely

Outdoor Living Areas

These spaces benefit from the design options and typical features that coloured concrete possesses. Besides its strength, durability and colour options, it allows you to create designs that are sure to impress. Going with darker tones can ensure that any stains or dirt don’t show up as easily.

Internal Flooring

The use of concrete for internal floors is becoming a popular choice for new home builders and renovators because it is considered a more sustainable flooring solution and low maintenance. For those who have allergen problems or pets, a coloured concrete slab in the home is great for reducing dust and extremely easy to clean.

Commercial Spaces

A beautifully designed coloured concrete floor makes any office space or shopping centre stand out. The endless options to creating a unique design that is unique to your company or space can add to the appeal and give your customers a visually stunning experience.

coloured concrete

Benefits of Installing a Coloured Concrete Floor



With coloured concrete, you can design a product that will stand out and represent your personality and style. Whether you select a crazy colour, choose to add a design, or stamp into your concrete application, you can truly have fully creative control.


Strong and Durable

Just like other decorative concretes, coloured concrete is just as long-lasting and hardwearing. With the right care and maintenance, your application will be sure to last a lifetime.



Coloured concrete is a very affordable option for those who are looking for a decorative concrete look, without the price tag. Though slightly more expensive than traditional cement to purchase initially, installation costs are the same since the concrete arrives on site ready to be poured.


Easy to Clean

Maintaining your coloured concrete floor is a simple process that doesn’t take much time, and keeps them looking great and lasting for a lifetime. Depending on what type of finish you have, your concrete floor may need the occasional spray with a pressure washer, or if polished dust and mop on occasion.

Once you have decided to install coloured concrete for your home or commercial project, it’s important that you make the right choice when it comes to the actual colour of the product. The following tips and tricks will help you in selecting the perfect colour to compliment your project:

  1. Speak to a professional: Always get in touch with a professional knows what they’re doing, like the team at Terrastone Architectural concrete. These people are well rehearsed in the colours available, cost, and any other questions or queries you may have about your new installation.
  2. Go and have a look in person: Most concrete companies will have a showroom set up so that you can go and see swatches of the products in person. Taking the time to see these products in person, rather than seeing them on a computer screen or in a catalogue will give you a much clearer idea of what the colour looks like.
  3. Ask yourself- Is this a colour I will love forever: Make sure that the colour you choose for your application is one that you are prepared to have for a long time.
  4. Are you applying a polish or sealant? Make sure they won’t effect the final colour: Some concrete finishes can slightly alter the finished concrete colour. Speak with your project manager so that you can make adjustments to your finish if necessary.

The team at Terrastone Architectural Concrete are highly educated in all aspects of coloured concrete and can assist you in all aspects of your concrete project. We offer full project management services for any concrete project across the greater Perth region.

Want to know more about your other decorative concrete options? Please see exposed aggregate, honed aggregate, polished concrete and liquid limestone for more information

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