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Everything You Need to Know about Liquid Limestone

For those on the hunt for an affordable decorative concrete product that still has all the benefits of its more expensive counterparts, then liquid limestone is a great option for your residential or commercial project.

Its popularity in the Perth region has been growing over the years because of its natural look, ability to stay cool in even the hottest conditions, and its low maintenance appeal when compared to pavers.

While more limited in colours then exposed aggregates and concretes, it still boasts a selection of natural colours that compliment any area. Homeowners still can get creative with the look of this product as well with its ability to be coloured, textured, and have designs cut into it the liquid limestone. These designs can give your application the look of pavers, but without the hassle of weeds or gaps popping up between them.

So, what is liquid limestone? This decorative concrete product is the result of mixing concrete, crushed limestone and other additives to create a smooth application that can be used across any outdoor application.

The process of installing liquid limestone is quite simple compared to applications like exposed and honed aggregates, as there are fewer steps involved for the contractor and its curing time is not as long.

Projects that look great with A Liquid Limestone Application

Outdoor Living Areas

Most people who live in Perth find themselves spending the summer months enjoying their outdoor spaces more than the inside of their homes. Liquid limestone has become a highly popular application for these spaces because of its natural tones and design options, allowing for a unique space to be created.

Pool Surrounds

Those in the process of building or renovating your pool area are choosing to install liquid limestone around their pools for a variety of reasons. The main one being is its ability to stay cool even on the hottest days. However, it is also become a popular choice because of its natural colours, which give pool areas a beautiful, Mediterranean look.

Driveways And Carports

Being one of the more durable and affordable products out there has made liquid limestone the go-to for those installing driveways. It’s extremely strong, therefore able to withstand the high foot traffic that many of these areas see, while also maintaining it’s low maintenance qualities.


Liquid limestone not only looks good across larger outdoor projects but using it for smaller projects like footpaths looks great as well. Using it across your footpaths around the house can tie the outside of a property together, giving it an eye-catching look.

liquid limestone

The Process of Installing Liquid Limestone

For a contractor to install a high-quality liquid limestone product the typical steps should be taken:
  • The area where the liquid limestone will be poured is prepared by levelling the area, setting depths and heights, and setting of formwork. The area is also wetted down and compacted to ensure a secure foundation for the application.
  • The liquid limestone is usually mixed and electronically measured at an offsite concrete batching location, where they can ensure that the mix is perfect before being dispatched to the project.
  • Depending on the location of your project the liquid limestone is either poured directly from the truck or brought in via wheelbarrow. On occasion, a concrete pump may be required depending on how difficult the project is to access.
  • While wet, the liquid limestone mix is placed within the formwork where it is levelled and brought to the desired level of thickness, which for most concrete contractors is 100mm.
  • Once it is laid and smoothed at its desired height, the contractor will use various tools to ensure a professional finish. At this stage, a texture is typically placed across the application to give it the appearance of natural limestone.
  • For those who choose to have a design cut into their liquid limestone, the concreter will come back the following day once the limestone is hardened and the pattern of choice is cut into the application
  • The site is then cleaned with a high-pressure hose before sealing the concrete. The sealing process is necessary as it helps reduce future cracks and staining.

When choosing a contractor, always make sure that their installation process is extremely thorough. At Terrastone Architectural Concrete, we follow the above process but with the added step of having a full-time project manager there to answer your questions and keep you informed on your project every step of the way.

Benefits of Liquid Limestone



Liquid limestone is the most cost-effective option when it comes to your decorative concrete project. This is because the materials and time that it takes to install are much less when compared to products like polished concrete, or honed aggregate. However, don’t think that because it’s more affordable that it’s a poorly made product! It’s just as strong and long-lasting as other concretes available.


Heat Resistant

Our scorching hot summers in West Australia can mean a lot of burnt feet walking across hot pavers. However, one of the best properties of liquid limestone is its ability to stay cool underfoot even on the hottest days.


Maintenance Friendly

When choosing liquid limestone for your project, you can take comfort knowing that you won’t need to spend your weekends pulling weeds or getting rid of unsightly ant hills in the cracks of your pavers. This style of concrete is quite low maintenance and requires a pressure wash on occasion. You will need to ensure that the product is sealed before use to keep it from staining and potential serious cracks.



Most people hear limestone and think that it is not a durable product because of its porous qualities. While regular limestone can be more temperamental, liquid limestone is a mix of concrete and limestone, making it extremely strong and hardwearing. So you don’t need to worry about it breaking down or needing to repave for years and years to come.

For more information on our other decorative concrete specialties, please see: exposed aggregate, honed aggregate, and polished concrete.

Terrastone Architectural Concrete is the premier decorative concrete contractor specialising in the installation of liquid limestone and servicing the greater Perth, WA region.

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